The Wheels to Work Association

The Wheels to Work Association (W2WA) is the representative organisation for Wheels to Work programmes throughout the UK.

In September 2012 the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) announced that it had been awarded a grant from the Department for Transport to establish a national organisation to represent all Wheels to Work programmes throughout the country and to facilitate the building of a national network for Wheels to Work (W2W).

The W2WA will develop a W2W national strategy, share of best practice and assist with aspects relating to business modelling and procurement strategies. Through the national coordinator it will maintain and enhance links to Government.

The W2WA is a company limited by Guarantee, with all W2W schemes as members. A six member Board has been elected from the existing schemes. The board will direct the national coordinator, who will run the secretariat and deliver the work programme.

The W2W Association will create a national network for W2W and bring structure and sustainability to the provision of W2W schemes so as to help realise national goals in relation to tackling unemployment and social exclusion. It will assist W2W programmes in developing sustainable business plans which will attract support and funding from both public and private sectors.

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The MCIA is calling for electric motorcycles to be included in the next round of government subsidy aimed at stimulating the uptake of electric vehicles. We all know the additional benefits of commuting on a motorcycle or scooter, so pleae help spread the word.

The Motorcycle Industry Association
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Great letter from Nic Nicol, in response to criticism of subsidised transport for young people in North Dorset.


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Cllr. Fox's response to Hugo Mieville's letter about a subsidised young persons's bus pass (key card) to help with the travel costs of young people in rural north Dorset needing to access education,...

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